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Since 2016 smart2host.com, a Timisoara, Romania private datacenter, has been providing reliable, scalable and secure web hosting solutions for individuals and businesses of all sizes. We pride ourselves on solid network reliability and responsive 24/7 customer service....


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N+1 redundancy type according to TIER III standards for power supply line 1
Total installed power 480 kW x 2 with redundancy in 2 lines
2 automatic back-up diesel generators one for each line
Accumulators pack – 108 with 100 Ah capacity for each power box
2 UPS of 40 kVA for chiller pumps / 2 UPS of 20 kVA for interior modules of inline cooling units
2 heating pumps and 1 ice pillar for extra heat removal before Chillers
1 wind turbine with 2 KW – providing auxiliary power & 80 x 250W (20 KW) photovoltaic farm – compensating in extra hot summer days
Hardened steel Racks: 45U racks space proving at least 42U usable IT Equipment; Depth: 1000mm; Width: standard 19’’
PDU: for each Rack 2 PDU three-phase power supply of 400V – Maximum power 11 KW redundant/ Rack, each PDU with 24 IEC13 sockets and 6 IEC19 sockets
Chiller water cooling – Outdoor: 3 x 300KW chiller units with Free Cooling mechanism
N+1 redundant compressors, ventilators and other components (according to TIER III standards for cooling)